SpaLite 6-in-1

This unique treatment offers an effective improvement to your skin problems.

SpaLite helps to:

1) Reduce enlarged pores

2) Lighten pigmentation

3) Eliminate fine wrinkles

4) Whiten the skin

5) Control Acne Outbreak

6) Firm up the skin / Lifting

You will see immediate results after 1 to 5 sessions. This unique treatment method is non invasive. The technique is 100% safe and pain free. What is most important is we deliver the desired results in a safe and effective manner. With SpaLite 6-in-1, we have broken the boundaries of conventional facial treatment. No facial treatment can achieve the same outcome as SpaLite 6-in-1. 

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Acu-Pa Face Lift

For those who prefers the traditional method of facial treatment, Acu-Pa Face Lift not only enhances lifting and firming, it also helps to dispel toxins accumulated in our body. One immediate benefit beside face lifting is the reduction of eye bags. The treatment outcome is distinctly visible after a single session plus it also helps to relief stress & chronic tension.

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1) SpaLite 6-in-1 Facial Treatment
2) Acu-Pa Face Lift Treatment

Duration : 2 hours
Package Cost : From S$168
Advance Booking is needed

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